The Amani Story

In 2005, while working as a public health professional in the Clarkston community, 

Doris Mukangu saw a major need among the underserved African Women Refugees and 

decided to do something about it. She started with health education, helping refugees 

navigate the daunting health system and gradually adding other services and programs such as the Amani Sewing Academy -  Using the right tools to empower refugee women in skills and languages they understand and in a manner they could relate to culturally. 

Refugees arrive in their environment very optimistic about endless possibilities in their new home. Many receive social services for only 3 months, after which, they are on their own. Hence, the relevance of grassroot organizations like Amani Women Center that plays a major role in helping refugees survive and thrive.

In 2006, together with the help of a core team that believed in her vision, AWC became an official 501-C3 non-profit organization based in Clarkston Georgia. (The city with the most diverse square mile of refugees in America.) Since then, Amani Women Center (AWC) has impacted the lives of hundreds of refugee families in Clarkston and in parts of Africa.


Amani Women Center (AWC) educates and empowers both refugee and immigrant African communities in Clarkson and Atlanta metro areas extending to AWC's global initiative; which mirrors our mission and programs in local communities in different parts of Africa. Amani's global initiative includes artisans and partners in West Africa, East Africa, Central and South Africa.


• Life Skills:

We are “Stitching Lives Together” through our wrap around services – workforce development, D.V. Services, financial literacy, health, nutrition, hygiene workshops, navigation of social services, civic engagement, youth programming, multi-media, creative arts training and workshops. etc. We believe in a holistic approach to ensure that refugee women and youth have improved well-being in order to be able to be productive members of their families and community. 

• Workforce Development and Job Placement: 

A 12-month program (beginners, intermediary and advanced) provides a safe space with sewing machines, industrial machines, instructors, counselors and a fabric room. Students also get a sewing kit and all accessories – threads, needles, rulers. The program prepares individuals to start their own sole proprietorship business, join the workforce — garment/apparel industry, work for local designers, do contractual piece work, Join our social enterprise (Johari Africa) team of sewers where Johari sells the items they make at market place, and sew clothes for themselves and their family. ASA graduates are gifted with a brand new sewing machine upon completion of the program. This creates a path for refugee women to self-sufficiency. Amani Women Center (AWC) has formulated partnerships with businesses in the garment industry to provide employment for refugee women upon graduation from Amani Sewing Academy (ASA). We are intentional in sourcing businesses that pay livable wages for the refugee women. Our team is equipped in assisting with job applications. We have also partnered with other organizations that help with resume building.


• Financial Literacy:

AWC has identified financial issues as a major trigger for DV in the African refugee community. Financial empowerment is both a preventive tool and empowerment tool for refugee women who come through our program. Empowering a woman financially gives a woman a voice in her home as well as gives her the confidence to participate in making decsions for herself and for her family. DV vicitims who are financially empowered are able to make decisions from a postion of power versus from a position of vulnerability. ASA provides financial literacy for refugee women in languages that they can understand.



AWC works with various partners and individuals  to build sustainable, healthy and productive communities. Empowering people out of poverty and delivering change through the Sewing Program and assisted services like health, financial literacy, and employment. AWC aims at bringing dignity to the women and not destitution. 

Amani Sewing Academy - New Service: ALTERATIONS!

November 9, 2019

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Amani Women Center

3550 Clarkston Ind. Blvd. 

Suite F, Clarkston Ga, 30021

Hours: 10am - 5pm / Mon. - Sat.