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U.S. Location:


3550 Clarkston Ind. Blvd. 

Suite F, Clarkston Ga 30021


10am - 6pm (Saturday Only)

Monday - Friday (By Appt. Only)

Phone / U.S. Office:

Center/Direct - 770.255.0539

Mobile: 678.793.0466 - Doris Mukangu (President)


Mobile: 404.780.1754 - Reggie Erawoc (COO)


Mobile: 470.214.1164 - Kathure Mbaya (Community Relations)

Phone / Kenya Office:

Cell: 254 724 274780 - Jennifer Mukangu (Country Director)

P.O. Box 1634, Karen, 00502, Nairobi, Kenya.

Phone / Ghana Office:

Cell: 233 20 222 6673 - Michael M. Michel (Country Director)

P.O. Box 110, Ho, Ghana.


Today's refugee crisis is the biggest since World War II, and it's growing. 50 million people had been forcefully displaced from their homes by conflict and war; now the number is 65.3 million. There were 3 million Syrian refugees in 2014; now there are 4.9 million. Inside this overwhelming crisis are the individual human stories — of care, growth and family, in the face of lost education, lost home, lost future. . People displaced inside their countries face the same hardships as refugees but lack protection under international law. Usually victims of war and oppression flee in large numbers, arriving in poor, underdeveloped states without the means to care for them. Most of these developing countries lack the sound infrastructure needed to facilitate a massive humanitarian response. Making the situation worse, the conflict that forced them from their homes may destabilize the region in which they've sought refuge. They may flee to the safety of a refugee camp or settlement, only to be forced to flee again. When a refugee is forced to flee their home, they often leave all of their belongings behind. They walk dozens of miles to safety. If they arrive safely at their destination, they are still without food, water, shelter and medical care. And there is no guarantee they’ll be able to stay.


Your gifts help us save lives and care for families suffering as a result of events completely out of their control. They will help in restoration, give medical care, provide trauma counseling, and help people to rebuild their lives. AWC serves refugees and displaced people in Clarkston Georgia. AWC's programs in Clarkston and Africa impact the lives of many people each year.


Community Helpline - 1-800-804-4918 

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Amani Women Center

3550 Clarkston Ind. Blvd. 

Suite F, Clarkston Ga, 30021

Hours: 10am - 5pm / Mon. - Sat.

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