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Amani Women Center Expands Sewing Program To Accommodate Refugee Women!

The refugee sewing program is an expansion of a social enterprise program by Amani Women Center (AWC). Refugee women participating in this program are in need of a safe space where they can continue making the products that they are already making as well as have an opportunity to acquire sewing skills. Our products are unique in that they are made from recycled cloth, beads and seeds. etc. This pilot program which began in January 2017 has so far welcomed more than 10 refugee women with so many more on a waiting list. However, we are currently limited in supplies that are needed to allow us to increase the number of participants. We are expanding to larger space that needs furnishing including tables, chairs, sewing machines, fabric, shelving, needles and threads to name just a few.

Why is sewing training important? Studies show that refugee women face various challenges and barriers in trying to attain self-sufficiency. With public funding scaling on refugee programs, the ability to become productive citizens is thwarted. Thus the necessity of private funding is relevant now more than ever. Lack of access to empowering programs like the sewing project translates to lack of skills, leading to unemployment, and therefore an increase in dependent members of the community. AWC can address these challenges with hands-on skilled trainers that provide a much needed and very relevant skills set to a population that has very unique challenges.

Amani Women Center knows the devastating effect of war and the struggle that refugee women face in trying to acculturate in their new environment. To this aim, AWC works with partners whose missions focus on empowering refugee women in Clarkston Georgia. AWC is a 501 c(3) organization partnering with more than 10 nonprofit organizations in Greater Atlanta and in a typical year, AWC programs touch more than 5000 people. Over the years we have discussed the need for basic life skills to enable these women to become self-sufficient citizens. AWC now has a sewing room in place and has partnered with Dress for Success and other organizations to address the needs of refugee women. The goal is to provide life skills that empower these women to successfully transition from a position of dependency to self-sufficiency. AWC provides counseling, education and other logistics to refugee women and their families. Our team of bilingual, multicultural individuals who offer a myriad of services including 1:1 counseling, group therapy, health educational workshops, and sewing training to the refugee women.

The mission of Amani Women Center is to educate and empower refugee and immigrant women with culturally sensitive tools that contribute to their overall well-being. Various workshops and programs are hosted at the Amani Women Center – Clarkston Ga.

To help support the refugee community and this initiative please contact:

Doris k. Mukangu / 678-793-0466 / Amani Women Center 3550 Clarkston Ind. Blvd. Suite F Clarkston Ga 30021

Community stakeholders collaborating in the project include Doris Mukangu of Amani-Rafiki-Shalom Coalition, philanthropist Sandy Teepen of Sandies Label, Emory Woman’s Club, Pastor George Tatro of Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, Joan Kimenyi of Professional Women’s Group – (Dress For Success), Susan Lightcap of Clarkston Sewing Club.

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