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"Stitching Lives Together" - Amani Women Center - Adds 15 New Students To Sewing Program -

Amani Women Center - (AWC) fills a very important gap for the work we do in the refugee community by providing culturally sensitive programs and services to the different ethnic groups represented in Clarkson, Georgia. The Amani Women Center Sewing Academy added 15 new students this month. Here is an easy way to support our life skills empowerment program "Stitching Lives Together" - That's what our Amazon wish list is for.

It's full of the items that our students most urgently need. We are reaching out to our donors, friends, partners and community to support us with the following: - Can you order us an item or two? It's easy - they'll be delivered right to us.

Scroll down to see - OUR AMAZON WISH LIST:


1. Sewing Kits - 2. Pattern Paper - Manila 48x 10yards

3. 20 pc - Ruler Set - french curve

4. Dotted Patten Paper - 30yds

5. 20 pc - Pattern Hooks

6. 20 pc - Tailors Chalk and Tailors chalk pins - 3 multi-colors

7. 76 count muslin - 44-45 “ - unbleached.“

8. Straight Pins

9. Flooring Materials and Labor

10. Volunteers

11. Sewing Machines

12. Ironing Boards, irons, Mannequins

Other ways to donate and support our sewing program:

Amani Website:

Amani Women center is a safe haven for refugee women of all cultures, who are seeking a space for spiritual, mental, and physical healing. AWC’s holistic approach is to cater to the wellbeing of the community through a variety of hands on programs sensitively tailored to specific needs.

Our Mission is to educate and empower refugee women with culturally sensitive tools that contribute to their overall wellbeing. Amani is "Swahili" for peace. "Peace" is what every refugee woman and family are seeking when fleeing their war torn countries and resettling in America...AWC has an successful track record, delivering unique and culturally sensitive workshops, programs - (AWC Sewing Academy) and services for immigrant and refugee women for their overall development and wellbeing. AWC focuses on enhancing refugee and immigrant women strengths, skills and courage through health and wellbeing, education and advocacy to promote independence and self-sufficiency. Other programs of the organization are Life Skills and Micro-enterprise Development. Our Women Wellness programs focuses on educational workshops, screening and prevention of Breast Cancer…etc. Your gifts help us save lives and care for families suffering as a result of events completely out of their control. They will help in restoration, give medical care, provide trauma counseling, and help people to rebuild their lives. AWC serves refugees and displaced people in Clarkston Georgia. AWC's programs impact the lives of many people in the community each year.There are lots of ways that you can help the refugee community. an easy process and you can give whatever amount you want - it all helps. Our target communities always appreciate any help that comes their way.

· Staying in touch with AWC programs: Sign up for our Sewing Program or Sponsor a refugee Student: - Our sewing program has opened up a world of opportunities for the refugee women in Clarkston and the possibilities are endless.

· AWC Social Enterprise:

Johari Africa is Swahili for Jewels of Africa. It has a double meaning; the beautifully handcrafted jewelry by African women, and the women themselves. This beautifully hand-crafted products has a story to tell. It is made with care by refugee women in Clarkston and low income women from various parts of Africa. For every piece of jewelry sold, the money isreinvested in the community and helps sustain their homes and also support their children’s education. This beautifully hand-crafted jewelry not only substantiates the strength and determination of these women, but is a great example of successful entrepreneurship.

• How else do we help and empower? Visit AWC request help line

• Other AWC resource links:

Donate or Volunteer with AWC: Your donations help in restoration, give medical care, provide trauma counseling, educate, teach, train, empower, and help people, especially women and children rebuild their lives!. Through programs, workshops and social enterprise, AWC's global agenda also impacts women and girls in Kenya and Ghana.

• Rent Our Center:

AWC’s ‘African Experience' is Clarkston’s coziest event venue. Equipped with ethnic, pure African, natural, eco-friendly decor. The center is 2,000 square-feet, dividable with a retractable wall and complemented by pallet furnishings. The Pallet Shack has 125 theater seating capacity or 90 banquet seating. Used for meetings, training, art shows, award ceremonies, fundraisers, workshops, programs, birthdays and a myriad of other venue functions, Amani’s African Experience undoubtedly enhances every event it holds.

• Newsletter and activity updates You can also stay in touch with AWC blog page:

We continue to show commitment by effectively and efficiently providing tailored programming and services.

  1. Our community sewing program - life skills for women

  2. Educational workshops throughout the year - (Breast Cancer awareness & prevention, Nutrition, Domestic violence etc)

  3. Health navigation and logistics for refugee women in Clarkston

  4. Summer programs - youth and young adult empowerment and arts programs.

Contact Information: Amani Women Center(AWC): 3550 Clarkston Ind. Blvd. Suite F Clarkston, Ga 30021 770-255-0539 / 404-780-1754 / 678-793-0466

AWC fills a very important gap for the work we do in the refugee community by providing culturally sensitive programs and services to the different ethnic groups represented in Clarkston, Georgia. Crucial to the AWC’s work is a holistic, culturally informed, and a collaborative approach.

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