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YOUTH CONVERSATIONS - Hosted at Amani Women Center, Clarkston, Georgia.

Amani Rafiki Shalom Coalition Speaks To Youth and Young Adults About

“Healthy Relationships - Part One”

Panel List: - Doris Mukangu, Pastor Gad Mpoyo, Rev. Charles Nyaga, and Reggie Erawoc.

The workshop series kicked off on Friday Oct. 26th. The focus was learning and knowing about the various aspects of healthy and unhealthy relationships. The youth were from diverse backgrounds and were allowed to speak freely and openly; exchanging interesting view points with the panel.


1. Equality - You make decisions together.

2. Honesty - You can share your feelings and thoughts with each other.

3. Physical Safety - You feel safe with each other. You are not scared of getting hurt.

4. Respect - You listen and accept each other’s opinions, friends, and interests.

5. Comfort - You feel great being yourself and you are comfortable saying “sorry”.

6. Sexual Respectfulness - You never force each other to do things you aren’t comfortable with.

7. Independence - You have friends and hobbies outside of your relationship.

8. Humor - You have fun in the relationship.


1. Control - One of you makes all the decisions and is demanding.

2. Dishonesty - One of you lies or hides things from the other.

3. Physical Abuse - One of you hits, slaps, grabs, or shoves the other person.

4. Disrespect - One of makes fun of each others’ feelings, thoughts, and opinions.

5. Discomfort - One of you might make threats like, “I’ll break up with you if...”

6. Sexual Abuse - One of you pressures or forces sexual activities the other does not want to do.

7. Dependence - One of you makes threats to do something drastic if relationship ends.,

8. Hostility - One of you is mean to the other.

The coalition will like to extend a special thanks to the youth for their participation and openness to speak their minds and also the willingness learn.


For participation and further information, please contact:

1. Doris Mukangu - Amani Women Center (

2. Pastor Gad Mpoyo - Shalom International Ministries (

3. Rev. Charles Nyaga - (

4. Reggie Erawoc (

Amani Women Center - (AWC) fills a very important gap for the work we do in the refugee community by providing culturally sensitive programs and services to the different ethnic groups represented in Clarkson, Georgia. Crucial to the AWC’s work is a holistic, culturally informed, and collaborative approach. AWC believes in the value of creating trusting relationships on a person-to-person basis to identify community needs and obstacles to develop effective solutions that empower and strengthen the community. We continue to show commitment by effectively and efficiently providing tailored programming and services through our ethnically diverse team that is reflective of the community we serve. Also, AWC’s work and supporters continue to grow and expand with the changing needs of the community and the development of new alliances.

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