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Hands On Atlanta, Alston & Bird Gives Amani Women Center Sewing Academy a FACELIFT on upcoming

Amani Women Center and Amani Sewing Academy is extremely excited and very grateful for this upcoming family friendly project involving almost 60 volunteers - youth and adults - organized by Alston & Bird and Hands On Atlanta!

The project involves New shades for the sewing room windows, Painting all the walls in sewing rooms, Hanging new shades, Assembling new sewing/cutting table, Assembling new rolling chairs for sewing desks, Organize sew materials and supplies, Assembling new shelving unit, Assembling and installing floating wall shelves, Organizing sewing fabric and supplies, Paint concrete floor and last but not the least, Redecorate bulletin board in hallway!

Alston & Bird is independently providing supplies for the youth to make hygiene kits for the refugee women. Amani Sewing Academy (ASA) is an expansion of a social enterprise initiative of Amani Women Center (AWC)🕊. Refugee Women that are participating in this program are in need of a safe space where they can continue making the products they are already making as well as have an opportunity to acquire Sewing Skills✂️🙌🏽✨

Amani Women Center (AWC) fills a very important gap for the work we do in the refugee community by providing culturally sensitive programs and services to the different ethnic groups represented in Clarkson, Georgia. Amani Sewing Academy added a new instructor and 24 new students since the beginning of the year. Classes are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Other ways to donate and support our sewing program:

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